Ship Repair & Maintenance


We carry a mobile compact hull cleaning system, with adjustable pressure brushes, which give the operator diver the option of removing the hardest barnacle growth. Our hull cleaning system uses various hydraulic driven equipment to remove marine fouling without damage to the paint system.

We are using hydraulic powered 14 inches-brush-head machines with an adjustable pressure system against the hull . The machines operate independently and efficiently. The crew can be able to fly anywhere within the U.S. or overseas.


To recondition propeller surfaces we use underwater hydraulic driven polishing heads , with various polishing disks to recondition the propeller surface. During propeller polishing all marine growth as well as calcium layers are removed, the result is like a glossy propeller, saving money with fuel.


Replacements of anodes can be done by underwater welding or any other way, we provide with a high quality of zinc anodes for in-water replacement and fast response.

All our Repair Services to Yachts include propeller, Shaft and Rudder replacement.
Complete color video systems.
U/W photographic Inspections.
Propeller replacement, cleaning and polishing.

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